Wedding in the digital age - does it worry you?

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Wedding in the digital age - does it worry you?

Does the idea/prospect of same day printing of an event worry you?*I4R6p*w !SGQReTjLLSs3MvlqejksGrE4tRdRSJV4MX6vRqhmcbteaQWRvTHVoEbXMCal172dHuTZkXC9dUZG7Ny6XXE8Wk/2006_11_25a.jpg

(Excuse picture quality as downsampled & the PP on image done on my work pc with a lousy uncalibrated monitor)

Well , I wasnt the official photographer but took along my camera and got some pictures at the service. The wife and I then popped back home as the reception wasn't for a few hours as the bridal party had to travel for formal shots etc. Downloaded my images, found a nice one, cropped and printed, went out and bought a frame and gave it to bride's parents at the reception.

They put it up next to the wedding cake while guest were arriving - who were rather stunned to see a picture of the couple already.

And the bride & groom were impressed & pleased as well.

Some people have commented this would be offensive to the "official photographer". As a one-off gift I can only say it doesnot threaten their business, but the concept is hardly original.

However I could see this sort of service could well become mainstream in the next ten years - digital means immediacy and you can bet clients will begin to ask for & expect it as part of the digital age.

Ceratinly would probably require an assistant to handle the printing while the photographer roamed - with WiFi beaming to a laptop & printer.
We live in interesting times....
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