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The RT803's are S-IPS. I have one of the S-PVA's. The colors are actaully pretty nice and the blacks are lush. The thing I don't like is that when your looking at photo straight on you lose details in dark areas. I have to tip my head side to side to see the details.

Video on the S-PVA is not good. I havn't video on S-IPS panel but reviewers and owners usually desribe it as not great but ok . The S-IPS panel used in 2007 is actually a 8 ms monitor (as descrided by Philips the maker) and not 16 as Dell will advertise. They knew they would use some 16 ms panels so that's the stat they use. The Samsung S-PVA they use IS a 16ms monitor.

Dell's postion is "they are both 2007FPW's no matter what panel is in it". Seems to me it's like saying a Mercedes is still a Mercedes even if it has a Ford Taurus motor in it.

I wanted to get that monitor when the banding issues broke so I delayed. I ordered it last week and then this 3 card monty situation came up. I could guess the S-IPS thing is overblown. Other Samsung's using that same panel get rave reviews from people. I find the video pretty bad though. Clips from my Canon S3 looked crisp on my last monitor. They look like watery poop on this.

I also have a big stuck pixel smack in my main area of view. I was alreadu sending it back before I checked the panel code. I didn't need a code to see this was no top rated monitor. Oh the "b" on your 2007WFPb doesnt mean it's S-PVA. The "a' is for the base/color

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