PDF with info S5 (Dutch)

Started Nov 21, 2006 | Discussions thread
Daniel Bliss Senior Member • Posts: 1,845
Re: I'm so hopeful...

A very good idea -- if market conditions force Nikon into the full-frame game, this would be a very good way of doing it; trump the opposition, so to speak, without overburdening in-house R&D. FF using the pixel pitch of the current Fuji sensor would be about 15MP. Scary thing though is how you could move all that data off the sensor at a reasonable rate of speed; 15MP standard and 15MP HDR is a LOT of data. Maybe ease back on the pixel pitch a bit and still get a great 10MP or 12MP full frame image?

I would still rather see Nikon find uses for Fuji that have a wider audience than FF.

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