wireless printing? Please help!

Started Nov 24, 2006 | Discussions thread
geoduck Senior Member • Posts: 2,372
Re: wireless printing?Yep

Kim van Heuven wrote:

  • When you look in system preferences --> print & fax there is a

sharing option which states: "Share these printers with other
computers". Does this mean that I would be able to print wireless
from my macbook pro via my Imac if its switched on or am I
completely wrong here? If it is indeed possible can anyone tell me
how the set-up works?

To answer your question: yes, click on that checkbox and you can access the printer from either computer as long as the iMac is on. It used to be called USB Printing. Cheap way of having a network printer, though a real network printer is a treat, especially with a laptop. Just make sure you have the printer drivers installed on the laptop (which you most likely do) and then print as usual.

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