RAW vs White balance

Started Nov 20, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Canon CR2 RAW behaves differently....

I have an XT (plan to get K10D). Since I shoot RAW almost exclusively findings of this discussion really bother me. I always used RAW on assumption that it packs WB-neutral image data. Tried following:

1. Took with XT on a tripod a series of photos under a daylight balanced light of a color chart. The only variable is WB.

2. Converted RAW files into TIFF with dcraw in document mode (-d) with same RGB multipliers (-r).

3. Loaded TIFFs into PS CS and compared histograms and color channels on various 100% crops.

4. Result - There're essentially no color differences.

Maybe something is wrong with my procedure but it seems to prove that Canon just records WB information in a header without applying it to the image data itself.

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