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Re: Panos and WB

philzucker wrote:

Jonas B wrote:

I always use Auto WB, shoot only in RAW, and honestly never was
conscious of any WB problems in PP.

Not for panos... do you?

But I do, yes! I always use Auto WB and RAW, and routinely do WB
adjustment for all pics belonging to a pano swiftly while looking
at them in ACR. It's just two mouse clicks you need to assign the
same WB to them all - after I have selected a WB based upon one
or two "most important" pics of the group.

Never had any probs with that. At least I didn't consciously note
any color shifts, blending problems etc.

So, in a sense you have allready tested what happens with a picture taken with different white balance settings and then adjusted the whibal in Photoshop. If some colors had been muted or otherwise different in the different parts of a pano I guess you would have seen it. At least I consider this as one example where this "new" behaviour of the raw file obviously didn't matter (assuming that automatic white balance in fact works and also changes the white balance between the pictures in at least some of your panos).

I have been carefull not to switch my WB from sunshine, ever. Partly because I prefer sunshine, partly as I have done quick "previews" of my panos wanting to see if I want to work with them. A tedious workflow and not really necessary - it's just the way I do it since the first experiments.

hey hoo,


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