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Re: Unequivocal evidence - here too now

GordonBGood wrote:

I think that the main thing learned is that there is an advantage
to guessing at the proper WB preset or use Custom WB where the
white point is very warm or very cool in order to help avoid
clipping the red or blue channels, respectively.

Hmm, not that I'm not willing to accept the fact that WB influences analog gain for single color channels previous to A/D operation - even if that is surprising news to me - but what I'd really like to see are real world examples - real pictures! - that demonstrate tangible advantages of Custon WB or preset WB over Auto WB if shooting in RAW.

I always use Auto WB, shoot only in RAW, and honestly never was conscious of any WB problems in PP.

If I find time I'll try some real world tests myself, but unless those results shows convincing advantages (or someone else can demonstrate convincing results) I'll stay with Auto WB and RAW for the time being.

Second thing I wonder is why Nikon advertises its color channel gain control as advantage of their technology - and Pentax, implementing that in their rather old "Ds" model, does not talk about it at all ...

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