Event Photographers: Do you know Peter Wolf?

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Re: Mr. Wolf's patent

Any sporting event(what ever that is- Bowing, golf,dancing, barrel racing) that has contestants having a time, letter, number, code, or word to look up if you take photos of them and have the potential customers locate these photos over a computer network(local, intranet, or internet) seems to be the gist.

So what is special about this? Especially the fact that teams, events have used numbers for players or participants for years, if you use the identified provided by the event and file them that way whats special? What has Mr Wolfs patent done...

The computer networks, applications to show the photos, the internet, photo galleries, a network sales engine/software.... I don't see the value as to what the patent is?

All I see is a method... a chained use of many existing items/methods to file product and sell over a network.

Even the use of time date participant in a filing method whether you do it on a document or an electronic file whats special ... one can arrange codes dates times and image numbers in any format they wish... what value has Mr Wolf added.

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