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Unequivocal evidence - here too now

ptodd wrote:

CurtisR wrote:

Ok, here are two histograms from the same white target in (almost)
the same light:

I'm a little bit concerned about the use of the word 'almost'
there, but still, the evidence is strong... So, once again, I'm
going to change my stance...

Lol - me too...

This is tedious and a little boring, but at the same time also very interesting. It seems as the old axiom about "White balance setting doesn't affect the raw file" in the end is not true.

I had to confirm this: I took a pale pink towel and a pale blue sheet. Lamps on: "Daylight" bulbs. 4 pictures, two of each piece of fabric (that filled the intire picture), the first one with the whibal setting on the camera (*ist DS) to "Tungsten", and the second picture with a manually performed white balance. Shutter time and aperture and ISO are unchanged al the way. Here are the resulting histograms:

So, something now clearly happens. What went wrong with the first test I did? I tried fixed positions for the white balance setting on the camera only. In the later tests (ptodd) and the first test (unknown) there was one fixed and one manually performed white balance for the pictures respectively.

So, the latest conclusion is that "making a manual white balance on the DS results in a raw file differing from the same exact target but shot with a fixed white balance setting".

"Never say never" as vortout should have said...!

Now I have to think for a while about this. In what situations can one benefit from this? NB: The metering doesn't change. With the pink towel exposed with a manual white balance the red channel is clearly held back.

That corresponds with the what somebody (sorry, don't remember, a post in this thread) said about a possibility to make good use from manual white balancing using a pink card. "The new grey is pink!" Good news for people shooting red roses.

I know somebody in another forum have made some experiments with a weak blue filter on either the flash or the lens and that way managed to improve the DR for reds.

Somebody with an open mind and more knowledge about this?

Thank you Curtins for trying again and finding the key.

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regards all,


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