Apple and Olympus: an analogy

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Re: Apple and Olympus: an analogy. Lost my affection for apple

I've heard the analogy made to the Amiga (which I was a big supporter of until a few years ago) before, and I kind of agreed with it in some ways (except the inevitable doom part). When I could no longer use my Amiga I decided to get a Mac because I still wanted to have something different and not give in to Microsoft's near-total domination.

But I've lost my affection for Apple as the 'underdogs', partly because of their mean upgrade system for OS 10. They (at the time I had one) make you pay full price for each relatively minor upgrade you make (ie, 10.1 to 10.2), which, by the way, despite seeming quite minor, you have to make in order for new software to actually work on your machine. So, in order to get from 10.1 to 10.4 or whatever it is now, in increments, to ensure your machine is actually compatible with recent software, would cost you huge amounts of money.

I can't think of anything Olympus have done that is comparable as an analogy. As to ipods, I was given one as a present, but the apple ipod updater killed it! I had to do a lot of mucking around to get it back alive again and restore the old firmware. But it's been working for more than a year now and it's ok I suppose, not great.

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