Event Photographers: Do you know Peter Wolf?

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dont worry, be happy

this is a joke, after reading the patent in detail, the guys patent covers only very specific things, also theres some big inconsistancy in the language used.

he talks about synchronizing the pictures with some sort indentifying markers. read the following from the detailed description of his patent.

"Several methods can be employed to synchronize and record the moment of taking an event photograph. A large and visible number, letter, symbol or combination thereof can be displayed to the event participant as he or she passes the photographer. The assigned number, letter, symbol or combination thereof correspond to the photograph that was taken. The event participant is informed that he or she should remember the number, letter, or symbol displayed for later access to the photograph.

For example, a large clock with bearing a sign informing participants to remember their time can be placed next to the photographer or remotely controlled camera which electronically records the date, hour, minute and second when the picture was taken as the participant passes by the camera. If this is not practical, the event participants can be given a card bearing the date and time stamped thereon for later use. Digital photographs may be taken during the event wherein each photograph has embedded within it data of the local time the picture was taken, including the year, month, day, hour, minute and seconds.

Another method of synchronizing the moment of the taking of the event photograph is by capturing a code from either an active or passive component worn by an event participant which identifies that participant. Sensors can be placed near the photographer or camera for interfacing with the component as the event participant passes the camera. Such passive components can include a bar code with the sensor comprising a bar code reader. This would be used similar to a toll road wherein bar codes are placed on a car in order to allow that car to pass through the toll booth area which scans the bar code and allows the car to proceed without the need to stop. Another such passive component can include a system similar to that used in department stores wherein an inductive circuit embedded in a housing activates an alarm as it passes through sensors. Alternatively, the component can comprise an active component including an electronic device having a transmitter which transmits a signal that triggers the sensor as it passes thereby. "

The only thing that is tricky is the Large number or symbol that is displayed. The way i read it is that that symbol is extra to what the indetifying marker is already, i.e. there race number. this large symbol would be used only to associate the photograph with the participant. The thing this patent is covering is really automation. where that large symbol is tied to the photograph, essentially leaving the photographer out of reviewing and marking. What he claims in the begining part of the patent is the following: "including a number corresponding to a number worn by an event participant". this means that whatever cataloging method he uses to remind the participants of how to find the photo. For example is runner 5000 crosses the finish line first and the photograper is using a numeric system that is displayed in the photographer (like a big #1) and so on and so forth for every progressive runner and then sorting by those numbers, then yes that is covered, but capturing a picture and then leaving the deafualut file name or even renaming it 1-whatever is not so long as you are not displaying the number to the participant.

what really stumps me is how this one was included "the date and time the photograph was taken" and i would assume it would be pretty easy to by pass that as its not really a new way of organizing data since it is built into the camera and programs such as adobe bridge can use it to rename photos.

all in all this guy and his patent are a joke. they wont be able to stick anything to you. If he contacts you about licensing his patent or tries to pull anything on you look up his patent (6985875) print it and read exactly how he says your infringing, and then politely tell him how you are not. Patents are a good thing to a point, but they allow inventors to push off competition through false use of their patent. All in all just shoot and number how you number and i wouldnt worry. so long as you do not violate claim 1 (remember to read the description) then the rest of the claims are moot.

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