RAW vs White balance

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Re: Curtis, Blende8, Rob, others...

distudio wrote:

Jonas B wrote:

My own conclusion for now is that I can safely leave the WhiBal
setting at Sunshine all the time (as I shoot raw only) and take
care of the colors at home when editng the pictures. The small
differences I have been able to find are really small.

I may be wrong. It's easy to miss something and any comment or
suggestion to look at this from another angle of view is welcome to

The variation is indeed small and could well be attributed to
exposure related factors so my guess is that you are correct. What
I'm keen to see now is the same set of tests performed using RAW
files from a K10D as the source.

Yes. And I hope the result will be the same. There are so many things to learn anyway, having to accept that raw isn't raw as I know it would add to things to have in my mind. And I have limited capability with that.

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