Event Photographers: Do you know Peter Wolf?

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Re: Event Photographers - Peter Wolfe and Photo Crazy Strikes Again

I just got the link and a lot of other guys are as well he says nothing.

Its just irritating having to consider legal costs when its hard enough to make a living getting quality images for people to cherish and remember.

Isnt the thought of selling images over a computer network and any means of participants to locate their images like really broad?

Nuts just nuts... thinking that I might end up in court over infringment and I need to put my cash into the hands of some patent lawyer to see if I am infringing on his patent.

I shoot one big event per year (its not a race) but I group all images in unique participant galleries to sell on the internet as I found folks will not buy if they have to hunt remeber a time and day they were there and I've got my own method of gathering the data, filing images in unique participant folders etc. with my own visual basic engine and posting galleries. I have methodologies determining shoot locations to optimize product quality and sales etc. Tools I use to validate participant galleries etc...

Maybe I should patent that

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