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Re: I took 15 pictures...

Hi, Jonas!

Jonas B wrote:

and found nothing.
To me it was interesting to see that I got "striped" histograms
allready at ISO800. And, as expected, no difference in the
distribution between the channelswhen using different settings for
the white balance. I write expected as this is what Í have been
believing in for nearly 2 years now. But, I'm still open for an
altered reality.

Me too, Jonas Open for altered reality, that is. Would have been delighted to find some advanced color preconditioning on my good old Ds ...

You saved me from doing the same tests. Thanks for that. Of course I somehow feel forced to photograph something red in tungsten light with different WB presets to see if my Ds has preconditioning or not.

Apart from that the "digital amplifcation" for ISOs above 800 (or in your case already at ISO 800) is interesting enough to know. Will think about the consequences of this info later ...

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