Event Photographers: Do you know Peter Wolf?

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Robin Horlock Regular Member • Posts: 377
Re: .. offering event photos..may also be found to infringe the patent

This guy really is crazy if he thinks he can hold the patent for
offering event photos for inspection, selection and distribution via
the Internet.

I just got back from Disney with the family, everywhere you go there
are Disney photographers shooting people with networked cameras
and assigning them unique registration numbers that they can use to
access and order their photos online from Kodak. Every ride you go on
your photo is taken and loaded up to their internet servers.

I would love to hear him try to defend his patent in court.
This guys website obviously is meant to threaten photographers
and attempt to generate additional income.

Good Luck to him, but if he came after me I would tell him to Frak Off
and give it his best shot.



A Picture is worth a thousand....... plus expenses!

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