Canon EF-S 18-200 IS (or so)

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Re: Canon EF-S 18-200 IS (or so)

There is a middle ground between a bag full of L lenses and a single lens.

I think 3 lenses is pretty much the ideal and will have considerably better image quality than an 18-200 (plus much better coverage).

For example:

10-22, 17-50 and 70-300.

I don't have a problem with using several lenses and I'm definitely not a pro. I'm using 10mm much more than 18mm and when I need tele, 200mm is usually not enough but 300mm is about right. I'd feel terribly constricted by having only an 18-200VR....

crtaylor wrote:

I am disappointed that Canon have not yet given so much as a hint
that their answer to the astoundingly popular Dx 18-200 VR is
forthcoming. Surely I'm not the only one poised to jump ship and
sign up for a D80 + 18-200 VR combo. This single-lens concept is
wonderfully appealing to a non-pro shooter. I had a 20D with the
full range of L zooms for 18 months, but it was just too much for a
guy who has a lot of life going on in many arenas besides
photography. I sold it and went back to a fixed-lens, but the IQ is
sometimes hard to swallow. I need a compromise. Canon must
certainly understand that the majority of us who love photography
are prepared to sacrifice a (VERY) little IQ and extremes of
shooting flexibilty in order to more effortlessly and less
obtrusively achieve what we really want from photography: beautiful
memories. I think an XTi + EF-S 18-200 IS (or 20-140, or something
in between, hopefully with about $200 worth of better build quality
than the Nikon) would be the perfect compromise. BUT, I've put in
my notice at bhphoto and amazon for a 18-200 VR, and if my copy
comes available before I hear that Canon have awakened to the call,
I'll buy it and a D80. What say you all?

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