RAW vs White balance

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Re: RAW vs White balance

Jonas B wrote:

The part above I don't understand... I think you have to test this
first, I don't dare to guess what that is retained in the shadows
in an underexposed ISO800 picture. I'm not at all sure the DR is
shrunken to "1/4". What does that mean btw? Usually we count DR in
exposure stops... Hey w, can you elaborate a little? I can imagine
the opposite: In practise you might get better DR as underexposing
probably holds the highlights better. What do you think?
Do remember though the earlier posts on this topic where we learned
that ISO1600 and ISO3200 is nothing but software stretched
products. To my eyes it seemed as the EV compensation in the raw
processor made a better job than the camera.

That's true, you can theorize all you want, but what really matter is the results. I also would not assume either of the two of vortout's conclusions are true of the K10D until it is tested (completely new sensor and processing). Until I get my K10D though, I can only guess and hope it helps to pass the time

I shouldn't have said the dynamic range is shrunken to 1/4. Keep in mind that I'm only guessing based on what I see in the graphs, I don't actually know anything, and I have never used a pentax. It looks to me like the upper 3/4 of the histogram at ISO3200 is discarded. This is a 12-bit linear histogram though so in a normal histogram (the kind in photoshop), that would correspond to losing two stops dynamic range in the highlights.

This would imply to me that (and I'm still guessing here) underexposing by two stops (set -2ev) and using ISO 800 will give you an extra two stops of highlight detail without increasing the amount of noise. A RAW converter is also likely to do a better job of interpolating. Shooting at ISO3200 wouldn't give you any less noise than ISO800 since the sensor doesn't "expose" these two cases differently.

I didn't see the earlier post you referred to. Like so many others, I came to this forum recently when I found out about the K10D. Then I found out about limited lenses, pancake lenses, and now I have LBA and no camera. Pretty pathetic.

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