Canon 30D vs. Sony A100

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Re: Canon 30D vs. Sony A100

nearlyfocused wrote:

Anyone know of any comparisons of the Sony A100 vs. the Canon 30D?
I'm in the market for a DSLR - trading my trusty Sony R1 for more
I particularly like the IS feature built into the camera vis-a-vis
in the lens. What other features distinguish the two lines?

A100 can be compared maybe to 400D by the build quality as those two are quite similar in hand. Grip is a bit better but the shutter button is poorly located. There is no way you can compare A100 to 30D though! 30D is nicely built camera!

IQ... A100 is 10Mpix and high dynamic range works very nice. IS works fine too. However, A100 is unbelievably noisy! At ISO 400 images are unusable (unless if you want noise for whatever purpose). Your R1 offers much cleaner image!

A100 is almost comparable to Sony F828 by its noise levels!

I don't own it. I Own Canon 30D, Olympus E500 and Sony F828. I tried A100 during a promotional shootout where I was given A100 for about half an hour to shoot what I want. I was quite surprised by the noise level... and I own and use some of the noisiest cameras around (E500 and F828).

Kit lenses feel like... well... mildly put... cheapo! I can't speak about lense optical quality though as I shoot all test photos at ISO 400... noise and loss of details are such that I'm unable to see how well the lenses performed.

Judging by ISO 400 results, this camera can't be used above ISO 200, but in good conditions and ISO 100, dynamic range may be quite usable. Luckily, you have IS so maybe ISO 200 is enough... can't really tell that much based on half hour experience though.

I'd go for 30D!

Of course, 30D is more expensive too so...



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