RAW vs White balance

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Re: RAW vs White balance

Thanks for sharing, this is very interesting. Are these tests from a K100D? I thought only Nikons did color preconditioning but that looks like what is happening here. I guess they're the only ones to advertise it.

I'm surprised by the ISO 1600/3200 results, but it does look like they're just doubling the x-values without any interpolation. If they have some preconditioning circuits before the analog to digital conversion (as the first set of graphs tends to imply), it seems like they would be able to do the boosting there. I'd try to test this conclusion with a real world example but I don't have a pentax yet.

btw, wouldn't this also imply that the dynamic range at ISO 3200 is 1/4 of what it is at ISO 800?

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