RAW vs White balance

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RAW vs White balance

Hi Everybody

There is very interesting results for RAW files done with different presets

One fellow on a Russian Pentax forum made a very simple program reading Pentax RAW file and showing histogram for all 3 channels. ( http://www.penta-club.ru/forum/index.php?showtopic=19120&st=0 )

X – axis has maximum 4095 and Y one shows number of pixels accordingly.

Test shots was done on a tripod with using of incandescent lamp

He used different white balance presets

So enjoy with samples:




Manual WB

As you see files are different not only on the header level but also it is different physically for red channels.

Conclusions from forum:

1. Your WB settings can lead to overexposure for RED channel but it is not proved yet since may be it just a way to turn down 3rd party converters.

2. It looks like that 3rd Party converters except SilkyPix do not know about WB behavior and that’s why there is some strange color development results.

Also there are some examples for the histogram for different ISO settings.

ISO200 1/5

ISO400 1/10

ISO800 1/20

ISO1600 1/40

ISO3200 1/80

1. There is not 1 stop between ISO200 and ISO400

2. ISO 1600 and ISO3200 are rather software made and shall not be used in RAW mode since you can fix exposure in during RAW conversion.

So folk think about it. Any suggestions?

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