Nikon Capture NX or Photoshop Elements 5

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Re: Nikon Capture NX or Photoshop Elements 5

I have both products and I completely agree. They are just different. I too use NX for my initial post processing -- basically getting the RAW set the way I want. Then I use PSE5 for everything else. There are many things that you can do in PSE5 that just aren't possible with NX.

If you have to buy one, stick with PSE5. You'll just have to spend a small amount more time playing with the RAW defaults.

Also, PSE5 is a great product that functions very well. NX is a great product, but still VERY buggy. I have 2GB of RAM and it still runs very slow (particularly on batch conversions) and tends to crash occasionally.

One more thought.... I still think NX is a great tool, but very frustrating that a RAW file saved in NX will not look the same if opened later in another program. NX adds extra "secret NIKON" instructions in the file that other programs don't know how to interpret. Not too big a deal, but it does force you to save as a TIFF before importing into another program. I hate that....

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