It is possible have a small camera with a good sized grip!

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Re: It's not funny anymore ...

I don't get this grip deal either, Personal preference really and thus I take these sorta things with a grain of salt.. A camera system shouldnt be dismissed because of this especially if you haven't tried it.. The grip was pretty much the least important part of the deal when i got this camera.. I like that its not bloated like other cameras and i like it thats not the size of a match stick either.

I also let those who havent really been camera people to hold my 400D and they dont know what people are on about. Perhaps its the crowd who have had previous dslrs, previous setups that just arent use to it. To be honest, my friend has a canon film slr camera and hers is just as small as my 400D. Ive been reading these forums the last few months and only just signed up and I still dont get how this is such a problem.

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