My take on Phil's G7 Review

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My take on Phil's G7 Review


I think the G7 is a fantastic camera with NO COMPETITION in its class. It is HIGHLY Recommended by myself. It is so much more fun to use than point-and-shoot cameras. It's creative controls and feel is so similar to a Canon DSLR like my 30D yet it is POCKET-SIZED. It take it everywhere - unlike my much larger DSLR kit which need to include a backpack.

Conclusion - Pros

  • Excellent resolution and respectable edge-to-edge sharpness across the zoom range

  • Classic 'rangefinder' styling looks great, fit & finish superb.

  • Capable of very good results at lower ISO settings

  • ISO 200-400 usable for standard sized prints (noise and NR effects are visible, however)

  • HUGE feature set

  • Face detect AF a bit of a novelty but it is very effective for novice users

  • Real, usable photographic CONTROL - VERY MUCH LIKE A POCKET-SIZED DSLR

  • ISO dial on body and external access to all important controls - GREAT - HOPEFULLY CANON INCLUDES THIS IN THEIR DSLRS!

  • Bright, sharp screen that works pretty well in bright light

  • Rugged, solid construction and excellent build quality


  • Effective image stabilization with 3 stop advantage

  • Fast and responsive performance overall

  • Optional lens adaptors

  • Flash hot shoe for dedicated flash units AND IR REMOTE FLASH CONTROL AND TRIGGER

  • Built-in flash performs well

  • Two custom modes and customizable shortcut button

  • Wide range of image color and sharpness parameters

  • Good continuous shooting mode (at lower ISO settings)

  • 1cm macro mode

  • Excellent movie mode - and max file size increased to 4.0GB


Conclusion - Cons

  • no raw mode,

  • no IR remote,


  • Some shadow noise visible even at ISO 80

  • Focus sometimes hunts in low light at longer focal lengths and in macro mode

  • Indistinct 'half press' point and long shutter release travel make refocusing more difficult than it should be

  • Continuous mode slows down over ISO 200

  • Non-standard Exif means non-Canon software can't read ISO values

  • Purple fringing and some CA visible at wide end of zoom in some shots

  • Focus speeds and shutter lag (when using LCD) could be better

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  • Many features that made the G series stand out have been removed;

I don’t care about the other G series. None were POCKET SIZED. If I want DSLR Quality, I’ll use my DSLR, not a DSLR wannabee like the other G series cameras. Compare the G7 against it’s competition. Don’t cry about the past. Don’t feel “ENTITLED”

  • no fast lens,

Lenses are always made with compromises. A fast 35-210 mm lens would have to be much BIGGER, HEAVIER, and not POCKETABLE. My Minolta A2 has a fast lens with similar focal length. But it is a boatload bigger than the G7. The G6's fast lens ended at 140 mm, not the more useful 210 mm.

  • no vari-angle screen,

This would make the camera larger than POCKET-SIZED.

  • no big long-life battery,

Longer lasting batteries are available. A BIGGER battery would make this camera larger than POCKET SIZED. It is easy to get a second battery or more. They cost only $29.00. 1000 mAH batteries for it are AVAILABLE and make this point MOOT.

  • no LCD status panel

No need for LCD status panel. I can see fine from the main LCD panel. A status panel would make the camera larger - it would no longer be POCKET SIZED.

  • Lack of grip and 'classic styling' don't make for great handling

I don’t care. It doesn’t matter. I prefer POCKET SIZED. I don't want a BIG grip that would make it hard to put in my pocket.

  • ISO 1600 so noisy it's pointless, ISO 3200 very low resolution

It’s not pointless. Noise cannot be lower without using a DSLR-sized sensor. A DSLR-sized sensor would make the camera much bigger and the lens much bigger. Having the higher ISO photos would make some night photos possible. It would not be possible if it was limited to ISO 400 like the former G6.

  • Highlight clipping and metering issues in bright conditions

This happens very often with Canon cameras, even DSLRs. When highlights are a problem, use the REAL TIME HISTOGRAM or underexpose the shot.

  • Quite pricey

I consider the G7 CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP for what you get. It’s the same price as Sony’s point and shoot models, for example. It’s less than the price of almost any good DSLR lenses.

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