200-400 VR does not equal prime lens sharpness?

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not so fast

Leonard Shepherd wrote:

I do not think there is any doubt at 400mm the 200-400 is optically
the best zoom in production, but it is still not up to a 300mm f2.8
at f2.8.

I cannot agree to the last half of that statement. Comparing the zoom at 300mm and f4 to the prime at f2.8 .... well, my copies favor the zoom, MTFs or not.

The MTFs you referred us to .... comparing the zooms tele chart to the prime, only the pime's meridionals look better. The zoom's sagittals are clearly better. So how do you say one is better than the other?

And what I think we are also missing when we read the MTFs, is that the 200-400s tele MTF is most likely at 400mm .... we really don't know what the MTF is at 300mm. I've always felt my 200-400 falls off ever so slightly above 380mm. There's no sure way to compare here.

best, mark

best, mark

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