Best used prosumer camera, 2-4 years old

Started Nov 17, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Larry Grady New Member • Posts: 18
Best used prosumer camera, 2-4 years old

I posted this in the wrong forum before, sorry about that. I think it belongs in here:

My Sony F717 has bitten the dust after three very good (but rough) years. I really liked the pictures it took and for that price range of camera it seemed to be about as good as you could get for image quality. The lense seemed very nice.

I need a new camera but I really want to move up. I'd like to get an SLR that's a bit more professional and powerful but I can't afford that new. The size of my images at 5MP currently is plenty for what I use it for so I am thinking I should buy a used 3-4 year old camera, something more on the prosumer level. But buying used would make it affordable for me.

So I'm looking for suggestions on a camera that meets this criteria:
1. A couple to few years old so I can afford it
2. SLR, good selection of lenses, again, probably used.

3. I want to eliminate the lag between my pressing the button and the camera taking the picture as much as possible

4. I want to be able to shoot long bursts of pictures. Hold the button and fire away instead of 3 shot burst I currently have. It would be nice if it was faster as well.

Most of my shooting is of my family, lots of travel/nature shots, and a lot of pictures of my kids.

That's about it. Anything at this level is going to have all the custom manual controls I'm ever going to need. I'm an amateur at best but I want a digital camera that works more like a mechanical/film camera but that is more affordable than the new cameras that do that.

Just looking for some suggestions on cameras I can read about. Then I'll go and read all the old reviews. Any other advice would be greatly appreciated as well.

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