200-400 VR does not equal prime lens sharpness?

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Re: Test picts

For whatever reason, I wandered into this thread... a bit long ago, and this is off topic (all the pics look sufficiently sharp to me!) but i was perplexed by your test shot, Wilkoman.

If the plane of focus is at the 40 inch mark, that means that the box/note is lined up there, right? Which means that the edge of pool table (the ruler) is receding front to back from left to right. Is that correct?

Yet, why does the perspective/bokeh make it look like the ruler is receding front to back from right to left?

It looks like some weird Escher picture.

Here's hoping that someone can answer!


wilkman wrote:

Maybe this will help...

First shot is the entire frame just so we know what we are looking
at ... box on a pool table with a dollar bill stuck to it, about 25
ft from camera. The 40 inch mark is the plane of focus .... IMO,
'sharpness tests' are absolutely 100% worthless unless you verify
the plane of focus ...
The second and third shots are 100% crops from the 200-400 at f4,
and then the 300VR at f4.
Tripod, mlu, manual exposure the same, normal sharpening, no post,
resize only, camera square to target, etc. As laboratory as I can
make it short of verifying 300mm on the zoom is actually 300mm.

entire frame

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