My personal 400D's underexposure FAQ

Started Nov 13, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Re: My personal 400D's underexposure FAQ

Lucky you! Enjoy!

However not all 400D users are happy as you. I feel cheated as i have to use a permanent shift +2/3 which seems to be far too much. Inside, outside, everywhere.

busterjet wrote:

Useful information for sure,

But instead of shooting grey cards, walls and other tests, why not
just get out there and take real world photos and ENJOY yourself?
If you look for problems, you will find them, and make yourself

I am new to DSLR and the 400D (XTi) is my first one, so I have
nothing else to compare it with. But I'm simply delighted with the
results. Sure, I've had to do some EC adjust on some photos, but
that's what I expected, that's why they have the dial.

Just wanted to put a DSLR newbie's point across, because I feel the
400D is a fantastic introduction to the world of "proper"

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