Nikon D40 lens compatibility

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Re: Nikon D40 lens compatibility

It works with AF-S and AF-I lenses in autofocus mode and will work with other lenses in manual focus mode. The reason for this is that it needs the motor in the lens to autofocus, it won't drive the focusing screw on non AF-S or AF-I lenses.

Here's the official word from Nikon:

Compatible Lenses*1: Nikon F mount with AF coupling and AF contacts Type G or D AF Nikkor: 1) AF-S, AF-I: All functions supported; 2) Other Type G or D AF Nikkor: All functions supported except autofocus; 3) PC Micro-Nikkor 85mm f/2.8D: Can only be used in mode M; all other functions supported except autofocus; 4) Other AF Nikkor*1/AI-P Nikkor: All functions supported except autofocus and 3D Color Matrix Metering II; 5) Non-CPU: Can be used in mode M, but exposure meter does not function; electronic range finder can be used if maximum aperture is f/5.6 or faster; 6) IX Nikkor lenses cannot be used
1. Excluding lenses for F3AF

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