Can the FZ50 Noise Reduction Problems be Fixed in Firmware?

Started Nov 16, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Re: Can the FZ50 Noise Reduction Problems be Fixed in Firmware?

connollymk wrote:

There is nothing wrong with the noise reduction on the FZ50. Set NR
to low and sharpness to low, expose your pictures correctly and the
noise is no worse than the competition (often better than others -
for example the the G7). In my opinion it happens to be in vogue to
pan Panasonic for noisy sensors.

Well, some very fine tests by aftab posted in here:

suggest that the NR set at low is still not enough. It has too much noise reduuction. In addition to the bleeding red problem we have smearing of low contrast detail. Let's be has lost something to the FZ30, its predecessor.

The real image Venus 3quality problem is the bleeding reds on
JPEGs. It is not easy to fix. So be on the lookout for situations
where it might arise and shoot RAW then.

Well, if we change that to: Another real image problem is....

And it is highly unlikely that Panasonic will issue a firmware
upgrade to solve any problem the cameras may have.

Agreed They don't actually recognise these things as problems

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