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I disagree - the mini will work fine for what you want.
I'm using a 2GHz Macbook with 2GB RAM and it is actually
fast with Adobe Lightroom and decent (few spinning beach balls)
with Aperture. I only have about 1000 photos in each library

The mini and the Macbook do have a dedicated graphics processor,
but it shares memory with the main processor. A dedicated graphics
card will be superior on 3-D rendering tasks (e.g. modelling & design
programs and games), but photo programs don't use that
capability. However, the limited video memory may be an issue with
Aperture in some applications - but this hasn't bitten me yet.

Think about it - even a 23" display with 1900 x 1200 pixels uses only
about 6MB RAM to display a 24 bit color image. Double that a couple
times to allow for buffering comes to only 24 MB RAM. So I remain
unconvinced that you need a lot of VRAM. However, using a faster
video processor (like the Radeon 1900xt in a Mac Pro) will definitely
speed up aperture since it uses the video processor a good bit.
But I'm not convinced that a lesser graphics card is going to outperform
the integrated Intel GMA 950 processor. And the video processor makes
very little or no difference in Photoshop, Lightroom, or other programs.


Jon L wrote:

Bottom-line is - no graphics card. If your doing any photo work,
forget it. Same with the 17inch 1.83 imac. Thats why I went for the
17inch 2ghz with ATI 1600 graphic's card. Make sure you get at
least 1gig of ram to. I have 2. JonL

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