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Mac Mini

Hi folks,

I need you advise! I'm thinking of getting a maxed out Mac Mini (fastest process, max RAM etc). No I don't whant the better and faster Imac (I have a brilliant monitor already). The Mac Pro line is to bulky for my small desk. I already have an Ibook (couple of years old).

Is the Mac Mini enough for:

  • Managing my 20000 photos (a portion on the disc, the majority of it on external hard drives)

  • Basic photo editing (levels, sharpening) in Iphoto and Photoshop Elements

  • An Ok workflow - fast and reliable - I dont need superfast, but I can not tolerate a computer that lags in displaying every jpeg (Nikon D70) on the screen

  • The occasional RAW editing (Camera RAW in Elements) on important photos

  • On my wishlist I do have running Aparture (1.5) but I understand the limitations of the Mini here - is it possible to get an OK workflow the Mini and Aparture? The software seems to a back breaker for most mac setups.

I'm greatful for you comments!



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