My personal 400D's underexposure FAQ

Started Nov 13, 2006 | Discussions thread
Andy Watkins Regular Member • Posts: 476
Re: My personal 400D's underexposure FAQ

I think there is far more variation in individual cameras than you suspect.

I own a 300D and in automatic modes which I never use, it always significantly UNDER exposes. So much so I suspected the camera was defective when I bought it. TO be honest I still do, but I have learnt to compensate.

When I borrowed a friends 400d and tried it on every mode I could find, I found no problems with it at all. It consistently did an excellent job of exposing in any reasonable situation. it was much BRIGHTER than my 300D in same circumstances.

My conclusion....

My 300D is not a very good example
My friend has a good example of a 400D

I shall buy a 400D next year and hope it is as good as his, but it does seem to be pot luck.....


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