LUMIX Superzoom Book (in German by Frank Späth)

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Have you tested AF?

When I put on a tcon (I've got the Oly c-210 1,9x and two
copies of the Ricoh tc200m 1,5x) I notice the AF gets a lot

There can be many explanations for this.

At least the Oly vignettes quite a lot, maybe even the
centre gets darker, which could make it harder for the
camera to focus. Since it's a front tcon (not SLR type)
I technically speaking don't lose f-stops.)

Also there will be a loss of contrast and sharpness
which also could impact focussing.

But (finally getting to the point) the algorithms for
focussing might make some assumptions of how much
out of focus the lens is and how much compensation
is needed due to the characteristics of the blur and the
built-in lens. When setting the camera in tcon/wcon
mode perhaps it adjusts those algorithms accordingly?

Has any one tested this?

I'm just speculationg here of course.

I must also say that it's very cool someone has written
a book on the Lumix superzoom cameras!

Just my two öre
Erik from Sweden, using the F Z 5

"What we have here aren't lasting memories. What we have here are blackmail photos." Constructive criticism of wedding photos offered at Pro Digital Talk.

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