My personal 400D's underexposure FAQ

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Re: My personal 400D's underexposure FAQ

oriomenoni wrote:

Q.: Can a competent use of camera prevent that?
A.: YES! Too many people now expect to just point and shoot with a
reflex. Then I say they have gotten the wrong type of camera.
Reflex photography does not work like that. You have an assistance
from the automation, but ultimately, it's about you the
photographer knowing your camera and how to use it. GET TO KNOW
YOUR CAMERA. Learn how to meter it. There is a useful button in
your 400D, it's the Exposure Lock button. LEARN IT AND USE IT.
Meter your scene by centering the view on the most sensible part of
the scene, then press the AE button, recompose and shoot.
Professionals do always meter accurately their scenes. You are not
so much better than a professional, that you can skip that part and
pretend to always get good pictures. Either shoot like
professionals shoot, or sell your SLR and get a point-and-shoot

Sorry, although your info is great for you and I with experience, I should be able to hand my 400D to my wife (who knows diddly about cameras), set it on Full Automatic (green) for her, have her shoot all day long, return home and dump straight to printer with PicBridge and as get good of results as she did with my G6 and A85 P&S cameras. And... as we all know... she will get primarily dark pictures. Even Canon make this claim in the 400D manual (page 40)... they use the verbiage "point-and-shoot" and "prevent botched pictures".

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