Allways keep your D30 with you....

Started Jan 21, 2002 | Discussions thread
Wiley Denson Contributing Member • Posts: 944
Re: Allways keep your D30 with you....

Chris Dodkin wrote:

This is the scene that met me on the way home tonight.....

D30, Canon 17-35 F2.8L, Canon 550EX, ISO800, AV mode fill flash
Photoshop green channel for mono image.


There has been somewhat negative response to your post and pics, but it may be that the point of your post has been missed. Maybe these shots weren't newsworthy, but if you didn't have the camera with you there would have been no shots at all. Chances are that without a press pass you couldn't get anywhere near a position to take an effective shot.

I know I carry my camera with me 99% of the time, use it about 10% of the time when out, but it seems the one time out of a hundred I don't have it is the time I most wish I did.--Wileydd

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