theatre. shutter SLAP, "irritating" bye bye

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Re: theatre. shutter SLAP, "irritating" bye bye

People tend to forget that theaters and halls and churches are designed to propagate sound very efficiently. What helps the audience hear the performers also helps them hear the sound of your camera's mirror.

Best answer is to use (rent or borrow) a camera that does not have the mirror, like the Panasonic or Leica digital cameras. The only other option, and almost as expense is to get buy a special box and ports for your camera that seal it and the noise from the outside environment. And forget about changing lenses while it is in use. They are made for taking still pictures on movie sets.

The blimpie bags are a waste of money and will do nothing to reduce the noise. A towel would work better.

Last and possibly the most viable option is to photograph the company during a full dress rehearsal when camera noise will not be such a problem.


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