I need help with Slideshow for CD with images

Started Jan 19, 2002 | Discussions thread
James Babb Forum Member • Posts: 97
Re: I need help with Slideshow for CD with images

How about an HTML solution? Photoshop, GraphicConverter and iPhoto can create one automatically. Other programs can do the same thing. iPhoto can even export a quicktime movie.

If you want it to be just like a Kodak PhotoCD, you could order one then dup it.

Good luck!

Peter Dysert wrote:

I am planning on distributing a CD with images from my daughter's
volleyball season to the parents of her teammates. I have saved the
images as .jpgs and made contact sheets using ThumbsPlus and saved
them as jpgs as well. I would like for the disc to have on it
slideshow capabilites. Just like the Kodak PhotoCDs wehen placed in
a Mac or PC the disc would boot with a slide show. Any ideas?

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