Black and white with Nikon Capture

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Re: Black and white with Nikon Capture

Associated Comment Regarding NX and B and W photo.

I tend to convert to B and W in NX using several methods depending on what I am trying to get as an end result. Recently I took a trip to Mexico and photographed several od missions and printed them for my wife in a sepia tone look. I made the photos look like they were printed years ago from glass negatives with the edges really raw.

However, being new to NX and use to CS2, I was having troubles duplicating the same process so that all the pictures that were going to be next to one another matched in tonal colors.

I learned, by accident that you can save "processes" with in the conversation and save it for future use. I now have several pre-configured b and w conversions that I have named. It is so easy now to open a color photo and push one button to do the conversion.
Check it out

PS you can do the same thing in CS2 as well.

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