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Re: More S6000fd/S6500fd tips & tricks

mhensche wrote:

Paulsen wrote:
"In P mode, it appears that the minimum shutter speed is 1/45th sec
when flash is enabled, and it goes up with a greater focal length."
Is that correct?

Yes, it's correct. However, you are quoting me, not Paulsen. It can be easily verified if you own the camera. Simply put the camera into P mode in an area where flash is required, make sure flash is on auto or forced, and zoom in. The shutter speed will increase as you increase focal length.

I would belive shutter speed had to go down with
greater focal length to let more light in because of the lense
getting slower?

Two things. First, to quote myself from the same post in which you just quoted:

"Since the actual flash duration is so short, a longer shutter duration doesn't help the light from the flash expose the shot, and is only good for mixing in ambient light, which can help on the overall exposure depending on the amount of ambient light & ISO setting"

To elaborate a bit more on that, when I say flash duration is "short", I'm talking sometimes being faster than 1/10,000th of a second. So using a slow shutter (slower than 1/45 sec for example) only allows additional ambient light to expose the CCD, and it doesn't help at all for the exposure of the flash itself.

Secondly, if the shutter speed were to get slower than 1/45th sec as your focal length increased, this would be a problem with blurring noticable due to ambient light exposure during this extended duration. So even when using flash, shutter speeds need to be fast enough, like the rule-of-thumb 1/focal-length speeds, to prevent ambient light from giving your shots a blurred look due to camera shake, as well as subject movement.

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