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Why we are all Pros

First he complained, now he bought one...

It's the rangefinder generation, they love the feel and looks of the G7.

You have to hold it with both hands, no real grip and your index finger cramps over the shutter release, but hey, they love that feeling...

So Canon Marketing wasn't that stupid at all when they crippled the G6 to the G7. They have the marketing brains, no doubt.

BTW, not too long ago he praised the P. LX1 as his Compact of choice... Now it's a different Cam, and just for one shooting in N-Africa.

So probably he's as addicted to get new stuff all the time and updating his cams as we are and he doesn't care too much about RAW no more...

Which means, he is one of us, and we are all Pros.

Congratulations fellas, we did it.

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