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Re: S6000fd/S6500fd tips & tricks

digraph wrote:

I really appreciate this thread. Thanks guys. Can someone comment
on the following:

1) I'm confused if you're suggesting that for indoor
people-pictures I use portrait mode or P S A or M mode?

I've added some new pictures to my site meinekamera.00hensche.de where you can see the difference between indoor flash shots with ISO 100 which ist to be set manually by using one of the above modes and ISO 400 which may often be used by the camera itself in portrait mode.

You will well notice how the ambient light caught in ISO 400 pics is much more realistic for the evening mood with a lamp. The ISO 100 pic could have been made at any time of the day. On the other hand there is more noise in the ISO 400 shot, but as was mentioned before, its not bad at all.

3) Do you guys ever use ISO 100? What are good situations for it?

I also added some new bright daylight shots that were made at ISO 100. Another example with ISO 100 is the night shot of the building (last picture on the second side). You obviously have to use a tripod but light is caught via long term exposure and not with noisy highest ISO.

So there are lots of situations for ISO 100
Kind regards
Michael Hensche

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