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Re: Flash range....

Paulsen wrote:

ISO 100 flash range is only about 2m (6ft).

This varies depending on the focal length, but I've actually taken
ISO100 shots at greater distance with good exposure, so I dont like
to put a specific distance in my warning, but it's something you
need to watch.

To be precise, ISO 100 flash range is about 2.1m (6.8ft) at wide
angle, and 1.15m (3.8ft) at telephoto (because the lens is more
than one F-Stop slower at telephoto). Of course, this is calculated
without allowing for ambient light.

Okay then. I assume you calculated thes from Fujis flash range quotes. If that is the case what will be the theoretical range at iso200 and iso400. ie.. what is the formula for flash range verses iso?

I have been wondering this for a while
thanks Darin

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