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Re: More S6000fd/S6500fd tips & tricks

Paulsen wrote:

4) Warning - watch your flash power when using manual ISO. [..]
ISO 100 flash range is only about 2m (6ft).

This varies depending on the focal length, but I've actually taken ISO100 shots at greater distance with good exposure, so I dont like to put a specific distance in my warning, but it's something you need to watch. I'm not sure how I could have worded it much better, but the idea behind my warning is that when trying to get the cleanest shots by using ISO100, especially when combined with zoom, is that flash range is reduced and could underexpose, so it's not good to be too stingy with increasing ISO, as a little noise is better than underexposure.

Shots may be
underexposed, or you may end up with a slow shutter speed. I did
some 1/15s flash shots were the background was showing traces of
camera shake. Watch out for the camera shake warning.

Yes, that's getting a little slow for hand-held. In P mode, it appears that the minimum shutter speed is 1/45th sec when flash is enabled, and it goes up with a greater focal length. Since the actual flash duration is so short, a longer shutter duration doesn't help the light from the flash expose the shot, and is only good for mixing in ambient light, which can help on the overall exposure depending on the amount of ambient light & ISO setting. It takes quite a bit of ambient light to help on flash shots at low ISOs at rule-of-thumb shutter speeds. Fuji's auto ISO of course likes to use higher ISOs and mix more ambient light in at the expense of more noise. Sometimes it's a fair tradeoff.

8) For that demanding shot, use RAW [..]
The reviewer over at dcresource.com recommends using RAW especially
at higher ISO.

Yes I saw that that review earlier, not too bad, missed on some of the more serious cons though. It's not unusual for RAW to allow people to bring out the best in a picture with post processing on the cameras that support it, but I dont think I will use it with most shots, same as on my DSLR, but it's nice to have available when you want it.

The particular tips apply to my DSLR & other cameras also, except that some cameras start looking a lot worse when hiking up ISO a stop or two.

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