Using ACDSee 7 on 2 computers

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Jarkko Haarla Jr Senior Member • Posts: 1,055
Re: This is total BS

Yeah, kind of stupid or what?

And you "promise" to empty all your computers from all software when you sell / give them away after use?? One every year... that does, if not erasing all software, you make at least one illegal copy per year.

I think they should organise the licensing in the way it should be; one program, one license, one user, one computer. I have a small company with more than 20 computers and so they are all "mine"... I can´t just make one copy of all software and have fun?

Some sort of MAC-number based ID system should be invented and that would fix the software to your platform. Well, I´m very sorry for those amateurs eager set up a video & photo studio not being able to spend some thousands on software... but, that is a part of the investment and should in a way be a barrier of some sort. We are not Xeroxing our computers and camera either?

The only reason for licenses and rules being there, is because people are stealing. On top of that, stealing has become so common and easy, that people get furious when preventative measures are set up.


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