How much does your eyepiece cause compromise?

Started Nov 5, 2006 | Discussions thread
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Coyote_Cody Senior Member • Posts: 1,166
How much does your eyepiece cause compromise?

The eyepiece on my xt/350D is just so small and truely compromises my photography!

Let's count the (my) ways:

  • level pics (might not be able to see to level via tripod)

  • don't always notice critical info in display area (fracked pics - under/over expose, EB on, exposure compensation is on)

  • can not manually focus reliably (dependent on AF too much!!)

  • nose hits buttons

  • low light/night shots really tough

  • etc

How does it mess you up??

PS: Yes size is better than P&S but......, I guess the same list for reasons to get a camera w/ larger eyepiece but the pics can be pretty good, a shame!!

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