200-400 VR does not equal prime lens sharpness?

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Re: 200-400 VR does not equal prime lens sharpness?

Daves602 wrote:

wilkman wrote:

Unfortunately, with the d2x/s consistent dead on AF seems an

Hi there Mark. I quote your comment above. I am curious about this
statement. I have just returned my D2x for softness issues that I
never experienced with my D2h. I expect to have the camera back in
3 weeks. Do you feel that there is a fault in the camera design?
There seem to be alot of folk here who think the D2x can't be
beaten.....well my D50 beats my D2x. Sorry for going OT everyone,
but when I see someone else say the same thing I have been
mentioning, it is heartwarming. lol.

Hi Dave, I should have made that comment more carefully .... I should have triple underlined dead on ... the kind of absolute dead on that let's us truly evaluate one lens vs another. The kind of dead on that makes an image pop right off the medium. IOW, a perfectly centered DOF....

I truly believe 99% of the debate about which lens is sharper, is really predicated on which lens just happens to be auto-focusing the best.

And I don't think it's probably fair to assume perfect AF is obtainable. Canon publishes a tolerance of 1/3 DOF for its "pro" grade lenses. While Nikon doesn't publish their tolerance, I think it's fair to hold Nikon to the same specification. My experience is leaning towards believing Nikon achieves this if we take the time to get our gear adjusted. Nikon service has been excellent for me lately....

best, mark

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