200-400 VR does not equal prime lens sharpness?

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Re: Test picts

Hi Wilkman, You went to a lot of trouble there to prove a point, which I think you probably did.I also think the point you make about focusing is very relevant.People often say it is best to stop a lens down and I think partly this is because it extends the depth of focus and can give the impression that a particular lens is sharper.In reality I am certainly going to accept that my 200-400afs.vr lens is excellent and more than capable of allowing me to capture the pictures I want.It's zoom capability is certainly proving very usefull.We read a lot on here, and other places, about bad copies of lenses

and I am slightly doubtfull about the quantities reported.I do not believe that Nikon produces a lens costing, say $8000 (at UK prices) and then fails to test it properly.

I will not accept that because John Smith down the road can't get a good picture with his new camera and lens, that we should cast doubt over the expertise and skill of Nikons optical engineers.

As most of us appreciate optics are a seriously complex subject, that if we are honest is above most of us.

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