200-400 VR does not equal prime lens sharpness?

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Re: 200-400 VR does not equal prime lens sharpness?


My experience with a 300VR and the 200-400 is that from f4 up, whichever one nailed focus the best will be the winner. I've compared them plenty of times and IMO it all comes down to auto focus accuracy. If I manual focus, and repeat until focus is dead on, they both 100% completely rock and are virtually indistinguisable. Maybe then a slight nod goes to the prime, but it takes side by side lab comparisons to see it. I will say the prime does a better job of nailing focus.... so out of practicality, the 300 does a better job IMO.

Unfortunately, with the d2x/s consistent dead on AF seems an impossibility.
My guess is that if your 200-400 bites, odds are it's out of AF.

But folks in the know seem to take great stock in the 300 afs1 ... it may be the pick of the 300 litter. I'd love to check it out against the VR. Still, when focused, both my 300 and 200-400 are so scary sharp it's hard to believe the afs1 could be much better.

Don't you have/ have had, a 200VR? If so, how's the 300 afs1 to it?

Oh, one last comment .... my comments are based on the zoom at 300mm only.

best, mark

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