NX settings not sticking

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Re: NX settings not sticking

MarkoNo5 wrote:

If you change a setting, NX disables all the settings below.

Is that the cause of Barry's problems though?

When turning settings on & off to check the difference, I've noticed some inconsistent behavious of other changes. However you can switch them back on.

There is NO excuse for writing such bad software.

I can't argue with you there!

How about if you use the "F" command and "Tab" to maximise the screen available for editing. When you finish and want to close the file after saving, clicking the "X" at the top RH side (Windows version) does nothing. Clicking the "un-maximise" returns the image to a smaller window, with an active "X" icon.

Strangely the colour of these icons changes between different states. You'd think they'd use that to tell you what's active. No. In a smaller window, the icons for "maximise" or "minimise" become grey.......but they still work!

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