Epson 4800 is garbage!!! Beware 3800 potential owners!

Started Oct 18, 2006 | Discussions thread
stratuss Regular Member • Posts: 191
More details please, allene

Care to supply us with background info as to what your problems
were with the Epson 4800???

What was actually wrong with it? What wasn't "NORMAL"?

Seems a serious replacement for Epson to just send out another
100lb printer on a skid "just like that".



allene wrote:

I have a 4800 and exactly the same issues that you describe. Epson
is sending a replacement unit tomorrow. I hope the new one is
better. The experience we had is not considered normal and Epson
will replace the unit until it works like the ones that the
satisfied people have. I am very hopeful.

Also, on the software, use QImage. It solves all the interface
issues of the driver, which you almost never have to access.

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